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This case was not decided by a Full Bench under section 25 of the Act and, therefore no review is maintainable under section 26 It is pointed out that a review may be admitted under section 26 of the United State of Travancore and Cochin High Court Act, 1125, only in cases decided under section 25 of the Act. Section 28 of the Code of Criminal Procedure which is to be found in Chapter III which deals with "Powers of Courts" reads as follows:- "28.

In my opinion it is not lawful for an additional assessment or an original assessment to be made by reference to facts which arise after the year of assessment. 15 of 2006 and Videocon International Ltd. (2) In the case of any criminal contempt of a subordinate court, the High Court may take action on a reference made to it by the subordinate court or on a motion made by the Chandigarh Advocate-General or, in relation to a Union territory, by such Law Officer as the Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, specify in this behalf.

2 (the deceased's widow) what they had seen. It was observed by the learned District Judge that Ramachandraiah had been found to have prepared bills in the fictitious names of 21 lecturers during the relevant period and had drawn cash on the basis of the pay bills including the bogus bills since May 1991 and drawn about Rs. in Anderton and Halstead Ltd. nThe contention of the learned Attorney-General is that Lawyer in Chandigarh view of the changes referred to above which had the effect of setting up a common High Court for the United State of Travancore and Cochin with jurisdiction and power defined therein, the review application has become infructuous, for, even if it be allowed, there will be no authority which will have jurisdiction and power to pronounce an effective judgment after rehearing the appeal.

There are no less than four modes of trial prescribed by the Code of Criminal Procedure, namely,(i) trial of sessions cases, (ii) trial of warrant cases, (iii)summary trials and (iv) trials before a High Court and a Court of Session and the procedure Advocate in Chandigarh each of these trials is different. The District Judge issued notice calling upon the appellants to show cause why the order of attachment should not be made absolute.

first Additional District Munsif, Cuddapah found Ramachandraiah had committed the offence as alleged by the prosecution and, therefore, the said Ramachandraiah committed the offence. " Though these observations appear at first Bight to support the contention of Mr. In the above appeals, a challenge was raised to the order dated 12. In 1997, the State moved an application under the Criminal Law Amendment Ordinance, 1944 (Ordinance No. n" There is, however, another difficulty in the way of the Crown.

The District Judge further observed that the trial court i. 2005 passed by the Recovery Officer, whereby the sale of the properties of Deve Sugars Ltd. In compliance with, and in continuation of the outcome before the High Court of Karnataka, the workers union preferred AOR No. LII of 1950 was enacted. " It must be mentioned that while the amendments of 1948 and 1949 were made when section 107(2) of the Government of India Act was in force, the Constitution of India Act had come into operation, when Act No.

(2) No such person as aforesaid shall be dismissed or removed or reduced in rank until he has been given a reasonable opportunity of showing cause 1019 against the action proposed to be taken in regard to him. The recruitment mode of several posts such as senior engineering assistant (Group B post), Assistant engineer (Group B post), Station engineer (Group A post); Superintending engineer (Group A post) and Chief engineer (Group A post) is through 100% promotion.

Lawyers in Chandigarh my view that is the reasoning of the decision of Rowlatt J. Thereon, the District Judge passed an order of interim attachment under Clause 4 of the ordinance on the basis that Ramachandraiah has committed the scheduled offences or that he has procured money or the property in question from the proceeds of such offence. In my view it is incompetent to the revenue authorities to make a fresh assessment on him by reason of a fact which is a real fact which arose after the year of assessment.

In this order, the District Judge observed that according to the state as many as 30 items mentioned in the schedule were acquired by the said Ramachandraiah either in his own name or his wife's name or in the names of his sons due to illegal amounts drawn by him and a case was filed against Ramachandraiah as accused No. Subject to the other provisions of this Code, any offence under the Indian Lawyers in Chandigarh Penal Code may be tried- (1) [1952] INSC 11; [1952] S.

(4)If any person to whom a direction is given under sub- section (4) of section 3 fails to comply with the direction, he shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years, or with fine, or with both. XXXVIII of 1944) for attachment of property of the appellant under the criminal law. There are some other posts such Assistant station engineer (Group A post) for which recruitment is 50% by direct recruitment and 50% by promotions.

Kolah, when examined closely it will be seen that is not their true effect Rasika and Subbana say that after the assault they went back to the village and told Rasika's sister Narsabai, P. 1 and Subbarayudu as accused no. Narsabai says that they disclosed the names of the assailants at that time.


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